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Early Years ICT

Using ICT in the Early Years is based on sounds principles:

  • The child should always be in control of the technology through open ended and creative activities
  • ICT should be integrated throughout the learning environment, just as ICT is all around us every day
  • ICT includes technology in all its forms from computers and cameras to toy household equipment and junk modelled telephones and space rockets

Emma has worked in this area for many years, collaborating with Early Years practitioners and advisers and writing guidance to support the practical use of ICT in Early Years settings from play groups meeting in village halls to nursery and reception classes in well equipped primary schools. What is provided here is a sample of recommended resources. Please contact Mustard Learning for further support and advice.

Toys and devices

Bee Bot and accessories from TTS

Musical keyboards, dance mat, remote control toys and role play technology from the Early Learning Centre, other toy shops and museum shops.

Walkie talkies and voice changers

Metal detectors and scanners

Lots of voice recorders, talking devices, lower case keyboards/stickers and mini mice from Inclusive Technology

Digital cameras, both still and video

iPad/iPhone apps


Access Art Simple colour-based activities with speech to help non-readers.

Amanita Design Amazing virtual worlds to explore and problems to solve with no text to read.

BBC Pre-school Resources and A range of activities involving characters from favourite BBC children’s programmes, including the Charlie and Lola, In the Night Garden, Teletubbies, Tweenies, Balamory, Bobinogs etc.

Bob the Builder and other favourite characters Find out more about the characters from the stories or play a range of educational games including painting pictures, matching shapes and giving directions.

Fun with Spot Games to play involving Spot and his friends. Matching, counting, sorting and reading activities to use independently or with an adult.

Noddy Games, printable resources and downloadable screensavers and activities involving Noddy and his friends.

Pate a Son music machine Beuatiful and musical exploratory activity for all ages. Other exploratory and inspiring activities from Le Ciel est Bleu

Poisson Rouge/Red Fish Soup Hundreds of activities to explore and games to play

Thomas the Tank Engine Animated games and activities involving the characters from the books. From simple matching activities to giving instructions to make events happen. View pictures by children and submit pictures and poems by email. Printable resources are also available.

Vectorpark Visually exciting models to explore


2 Simple
Face Paint 2
Leaps and Bounds
At the Café/Vet’s/Doctor’s  all from

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